T3 K-9 Tactical Lead Black


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One end has a quick release snap shackle allowing the animal to be hooked onto the handler.  This allows the operator/handler the ability to utilize a weapons system and maintain positive control of the K9.

The other end has a frog clamp allowing for a quick release of the animal under even the highest levels of tension.

Unique bungee system inside tubular nylon acts as a shock absorber for anyone carrying a weapon, in case the animal pulls on the leash.

Reliable, secure and highly effective.

Reverse stitching is used wherever possible to enhance durability.

Minimal use of binding tape.

T3 MILSPEC bar tacking.

As with most high-quality items, our leads get better with age.

As always, it's the attention to detail that determines quality.  T3 Gear is backed by our lifetime warranty, is Made in the USA and meant to be abused.

Weight: 8.79 oz