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“If the day ever comes that you have to fight for your life, the only thing that will determine the outcome is if you have ever trained and prepared for that fight.” – Tim Kennedy

Breaching Technologies Inc

The BTI patented locking system provides the ONLY Breaching Doors that can offer REAL LIFE TRAINING


NITECORE creates innovative products in a wide variety of fields and leads the industry in new standards of portability, aesthetic, output and functionality.

S8 Products Group specialises in the development of mission specific items for Military, Law Enforcement and other Government sectors, whilst also working in conjunction with leading manufacturers and brands from the USA, UK and AUS to supply class leading COTS items.

Harness the Speed of Light
FAST Pack Litespeed
Rugged construction and modular adaptability are the foundation of our FAST platform.
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BTI Ram Doors
The BTI Ram Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve opening doors.
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MATBOCK Tarsier Eclipse ™

The Tarsier Eclipse ™ is the most advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) accessory on the market, allowing the operator to see objects from 18" to infinity at the same time and without lost of clarity.

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Willy's Answer to cancer

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