T3 CQC Sling


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Made to be the ultimate for Close Quarters Combat (CQC).

Designed to attach to a rear sling attachment with a snap shackle.

Fully adjustable and fits comfortably over armor.

Constructed with bungee, that allows enough movement for weapons strikes.  Only when you have to, of course.

Holds setting until the operator chooses to change the configuration.

Reliable, secure and highly effective.

Reverse stitching is used wherever possible to enhance durability.

Minimal use of binding tape.

T3 MILSPEC bar tacking.

As with most high-quality items, our slings get better with age.

As always it's the attention to detail that determines quality.  T3 Gear is backed by our lifetime warranty, is Made in the USA and meant to be abused. 

Overall length is 37 inches.

Weight: 5.72 oz