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Line Of Fire
Line Of Fire’s foundation is built on Micro Replication Technology.  This unique, patented innovation is exclusive to Line of Fire.  It has driven our company to our present position — the leading innovator in our specialized area of product design and manufacturing.  Micro Replication Technology is the reason Line of Fire exists today.  Line Of Fire’s driving force is its ability to identify emerging technologies and merge them into products that bring fresh insight to previously intractable problems that others have found impossible to solve.  Line Of Fire will not be satisfied with today’s standards.  We search the world for new ideas, capable fabrics, advanced manufacturing techniques, new components, and groundbreaking design philosophies.

Grip System Technology
With the introduction of the Line of Fire Grip System, Line of Fire has created a new way to think about gloves.  We have set a new standard.  It is gratifying to watch users change the way they think about protective gloves, items once thought to be unimprovable and purely utilitarian.  Our designs circumvent the shortcomings of work gloves that users have cursed for decades.

The crucial part of a glove is the grip surface – the critical part of the glove that is responsible for keeping the user attached to the tool of his trade.  Holding on is paramount.  Your firearm, flashlight, baton, breaching tool, ladder, must remain firmly in your hands and in complete control at all times, under even the harshest of conditions.

Line of Fire has created a revolutionary Grip System consisting of two parts.  (Part A), the glove, works in tandem with (Part B), a tool or item to which the patented Micro Replication-Surface is attached. When (Part A) and (Part B) join together, the user’s overall grip strength increases dramatically, building a stable hold as much as 280% greater than a leather glove on a bare surface. The system cannot thwarted by water, oil, sand, dust, blood, or other fluids.

The Line of Fire Glove (Part A) is flexible, strong, easily worn, attractive, and built to last. It is available in styles and colors suitable for the needs of users in countless applications and environments.  Line of Fire will be introducing its first of many Grip System (Part B) products starting with a specialized rotational AR Grip known as the Flip Grip. This grip not only uses the patented Micro Replication-Surface, but it was also developed to rotate through 90 degrees to allow for an easier hand carry position.

Sensa Touch Technology
Line of Fire SENSA-TOUCH® gloves work seamlessly with iPhones, iPads, aircraft and vehicle touch screen monitors, and medical equipment. Unlike other manufacturers that press strands of metal into glove material for capacitance recognition, Line of Fire’s suppliers employ a unique patent-pending nanotechnology during the processing of the specialized leathers used in glove construction. This means no discomfort or tactile distortion from plastic dots added to the tips of gloves or reflective silver material sewn into fingertips. You don’t even know it’s there.

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