Who We Are
MIG is an Aussie company, run from a small shed in a suburban South Australian home. My dad (Neil) and myself (Shane) started out doing custom order Marlin Spikes but due to demand we are now focusing on more retail friendly pieces.
My dad is a fitter and turner with over 50yrs in the trade, meanwhile I have no machining background apart from what I learn along the way. 

While MIG stands for Marks Innovative Gear, it's also the name of Military Working Dog Mig (retired).  MWD Mig is visible in the company logo, his silhouette looking outwards in a protective posture. 

We always strive to make our products strong and reliable, the same way MWD Mig served. 

Our warranty is simple. If it's isn't working as it should when you get it, send it back and we'll replace it (we cover shipping costs). If it breaks from normal use ('normal' depends on the product) we will fix it or replace it.
We will honour this as long as we are operating, so I guess you can call that a lifetime warranty. 

We test all of our gear to failure but if there's something we've missed please let us know so we can rectify it ASAP.
We intend our products to last for a lifetime but life can have different plans.

Warranty does not cover refills running out.

Free Touch Up Service
No, not that kind of touch up.....
If you have some deep gouges in you product from heavy use and want it cleaned up just send it back to us. If you've damaged it and it's not working quite right we'll see what we can do. 

Free touch ups are limited to one per year, per product and the customer must cover shipping. Touch ups do not apply to outsourced processes such as cerakote.


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