T3 Utility Pouch-Slick-Small


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We are incapable of leaving well enough alone.  Even T3 pouches have that something extra.

Carries flash bangs, magazines, food, medical supplies, and other mission essential gear.

No webbing outside of pouch to snag.

Provides easy access to small mission essentials.

The outer layer is constructed from beefy 500 weight solution dyed Cordura®, fabric that improves and softens with time and wear.  Very durable without being heavy.

T3 Maritime MOLLE Closure System is included with every T3 pouch.

Compatible with all MOLLE/modular webbed systems.

Reverse stitching is used wherever possible to enhance durability.

Minimal use of binding tape.

As with most high-quality items, our pouches get better with age.

It's the attention to detail that determines quality:  T3 Gear is backed by our lifetime warranty, is Made in the USA and meant to be abused. 

Dimensions:  5"x5"x2"

Weight:  4.04 oz