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Available only to military and law enforcement personnel


Based upon Military Feedback, Breaching Technologies now offers the PAC Ram. A ram which was designed from the start as being packable. With a flat construction, this ram is more ergonomic and "humpable" than any ram currently on the market. This patented design utilizes a slim 1-inch thickness profile with no protrusions on the back side to gouge or snag the operator or entangle in equipment during transport.


To increase the versatility of the PAC Ram, BTI incorporates a chisel bevel on one edge of the strike face. This allows the PAC Ram to operate as a pry tool when the need arises.


This patented tool functions both as a ram and pry tool.


Attachment to load bearing packs and vests via Molle straps or can be stowed outside armor in typical armor vests, duck-bill "up and out".



PAC Ram Specifications:

   *  22 Lbs total weight
   *  Fabricated from 180 ksi, 400 Brinell Steel

   * 21-inches overall length

   * 7-Inches overall width


The BTI Pac Ram features:


   * Lifetime manufacturers warranty
   * Fully symmetric for left or right hand breaching.

   * Fully symmetric for left or right hand breaching.

   * BTI can build special weight and length rams for your special needs.