BTI Burglar Bar Door


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Available only to military and law enforcement personnel


Guaranteed for 1500 breaches

The BTI Burglar Bar Breaching Door offers realistic and affordable training for situations that involve burglar bar doors. The patented Burglar Bar Door can be installed into a structure or utilized with our optional Free Standing Leg Kit.

 This professionally designed and engineered system allows the operator to simulate multiple real life scenarios:

*   Light to heavy duty burglar bar door installation.

*   Plywood or structural lumber installation.

*   Various installation bolt spacing – narrow to wide.

With the proper training burglar bar doors can be breached quickly and effectively. The BTI Burglar Bar Door gives you training with minimal cost and virtually no down time

The BTI Burglar Bar Door works in conjunction with other BTI training doors. Use your Halligan tool or other pry tool on the Burglar Bar Door then breach the second door...Ram, Shotgun, etc..

BTI Burglar Bar Door
BTI Burglar Bar Door
BTI Burglar Bar Door
BTI Burglar Bar Door