TAD Recon AC Short


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Intel gathered during a reconnaissance mission is crucial to exposing and exploiting enemy weaknesses. Our Recon Short was designed to provide you with the speed, mobility, and comfort one would need during long-term covert operations. Featuring inset zippered cargo pockets with internal attachment points, Recon Shorts safeguard your belongings when moving swiftly through restricted areas. Our signature bar tack reinforcements at critical stress points and triple-needle stitching on the inseam and outseam increase durability, and a gusseted crotch provides freedom of motion to help you quickly make it back to base unscathed. Maintain your cover and ensure you fly under the radar in our Recon Short. 

Our versatile Amphibious Cloth (AC) material, a durable synthetic, is capable of keeping stride with your swift pace. This quick drying, packable, lightweight 100% nylon fabric ensures that you can move seamlessly through multiple environments, endure changing climates and easily transition to water-based missions. It requires little to no special treatment during washing and drying, naturally resists wrinkles and conveniently compresses so you can make more room in your pack for essential equipment. It also features a light Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to resist precipitation.

  • Waterborne

    When mission success hangs on your shoulders, don’t be weighed down by environmental roadblocks. Reach for a pair of our ACs when water could become a barrier to success.

  • Unrestricted Movement

    A gusseted crotch provides freedom of motion while the back-yoke enhances fit and eases movement. 

  • Recon Accessibility

    Nine pockets ensure security for all valuable assets, including our stealthily hidden, easy to access pocket (find it yourself) perfect for storing a lock pick, handcuff key, or other small personal item that can be used to avoid unlawful restraint.

TAD Recon AC Short
TAD Recon AC Short
TAD Recon AC Short